Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Trail Wearable Art

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  1. Love:
    collar on the first garment,
    all of the hats head dresses, helmets and masks,
    the sheer waving panels on the 2nd dress are fabulous,
    the collar on the felted coat reminds me of Alix
    neck collar and cuff piece rocks
    like the concept of bubble wrap, but don't like the garment,
    paper skirt is a nice play on the idea of pailettes, which we've discussed in ombred organza,
    like the palette in the gathered circles garment, but not the circle technique or the garment,
    can you deconstruct the metallic coverall for me, what materials were used?
    Great video, did you conjure it up? Covers so much of what we've talked about, good to have a visual reference.